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How will wall art or building graphics help your business?

Make the walls of your business stand out from the rest with custom made wall murals. Create an inspiring environment for your employees, clients and customers that will leave a lasting impression.

  • Select an image from our gallery of over 9000 images
  • Showcase your brand by using your image, logo or design
  • Get the exact size you need with our custom size option
  • High quality, commercial grade materials are used
  • Re-useable material
Buy Wall Murals and Wallpaper Murals, TodayUse Your Own Image As A Wallpaper Mural
Custom wall graphics, wall art, wall paintings and wall murals for your home or business

for Business Wall Murals, Wall Graphics, Wall Art

Welcome to Pimp My Wall, the new generation of transforming your business with wall murals of any size. At Pimp My Wall, we are passionate about creating the perfect look for you, whether you want to replace the wallpaper in your office or brighten up all your business space.

Many building and business owners are turning to having wall graphics printed on large areas of their buildings, on both the interior and exterior of their building for promotional and interior decoration purposes. Pimp My Wall is leading the way in wall and building graphics for all types of businesses. We have helped many local and nationwide UK businesses promote their company using wall graphics and complete building wraps. We have created custom wall and building art in the following business sectors establishing new professional identities: Corporate, Dentists, Hospitality, Healthcare, Restaurants, Retail, Bars, Salons, Spas, Leisure Centres, Swimming Pools, Schools and Universities.

If you want to impress your customers or clients with a unique decor solution then call us we offer thousands of high quality images, designs and patterns that will create an ambience that your customers won't forget!

Whether you are looking for an extreme makeover, seasonal change, tradeshow display or simply to add an accent to your space, we can help you and your business achieve these goals.

1. Cost Effective
Compared to traditional advertising mediums, wall murals are economical and can be produced to last for years or just a few months.

2. Define Your Space
Let clients and potential customers discover your business, products or services with highly relevant images and/or messages.

3. Brand Your Business
Promote brand awareness with billboard size graphics in non-traditional spaces.

4. Jazz Your Surroundings
Convert a mundane lobby or boring brick wall into a striking display that truly brings your brand to life.